I landed in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts

some 24 years ago, after having traveled from Portland, Oregon (my home town) to Bristol, England and everywhere in between following the commercial and entertainment animation market with animation director, Tom Gasek.  I was the lead sculptor for “The Penny Cartoon” for PeeWee’s Playhouse, a stop-motion animator on The Adventures of Gumby,  a model maker and sculptor on Wallace and Gromit films for Aardman Animations, designer, storyboard artist, sculptor and modelmaker for our own studio called Sculptoons in San Francisco.

After my son was born, I segued into working as a freelance artist
on a variety of projects, balancing my roles as artist and mother.
30 years later I continue to work as a freelancer on
projects I really like while enjoying being outdoors as much as
possible in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Masschusetts.

I work in Photoshop, Illustrator, acrylic, watercolor,

pencil, scratch board, fabric, clay ,....pretty much everything including the kitchen sink.

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